Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout Review

Will Instant Knockout Give You The Results You Want For Your Beach Body



There are a plethora of fat burners on the market including, which makes it difficult to find ones that work and ones that are utter garbage. Why is that? Many of the fat burners claim to overpromise on what they deliver and don’t actually deliver a single thing.


Instant Knockout is fairly new fat burner developed by Roar Ambition, and it claims to work better than other fat burners that are on the market. Before you buy into the claims that it works just as well as other products, it’s important you know a little bit about it.


Instant Knockout: What Is and Who Was It Designed For?


The Instant Knockout manufacturer claims the product was designed for MMA fighters and pro boxers. It helps fighters to drop extra weight without a compromise to their strength and muscle gains. It helps to ensure they qualify when the official weigh-in takes place.


They need a quick way to drop the weight, and the daily methods don’t help. Instant Knockout can quickly give them the results they want thanks to its three-pronged approach – eliminate fat, better endurance and increase metabolism. With its carefully-timed dosages and unique formula, the body will allegedly stay in the fat-burning mode all day while ensure you boost muscle and definition.


What Are The 10 Ingredients Of Instant Knockout?


Instant Knockout has 10 active thermogenic and non-thermogenic ingredients that have been combined to create a synergistic effect that will shut the fat-storing down in the body.


  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Most people know that caffeine can increase the body’s metabolism, using its fat stores of up to 30 percent for However, it’s even better if caffeine is consumed before your exercise routine. It can also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, helping to control your appetite.  With caffeine in anhydrous form, it’s extremely powerful but doesn’t have the nasty side effects you’d get from drinking a lot of coffee.


  • Cayenne Pepper – The capsaicin in the cayenne pepper boost the consumption of calories and decreases the fat stores. It’s also been proven to decrease ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Add the pepper to any meal for a little bit more spice – eggs, chili, etc.


  • Green Coffee Bean – Many people have heard of the green coffee bean extract. According to various studies the raw coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid that decreases the liver’s glucose production, hinders the fat absorption rate when food is digesting, decreases body fat percentage, help maintain a healthy blood sugar level and decreases your cholesterol level.


  • Green Tea – This is a naturally occurring ingredient that has the polyphenols compound in it, and this compound can increase norepinephrine levels that help to boost the body’s metabolism and make the liver and muscles boost their absorption of fatty acid and decrease the triglyceride levels. In essence, it can reduce the body’s overall fat makeup.


  • Glucomannan – This is powerful dietary fiber that swells inside the belly, causing you to feel full quickly, so you don’t overeat. It’s extremely effective when combined with the cayenne pepper, which has proven itself to suppress the appetite.


  • GTF Chromium – When it comes to blood stabilizing ingredients, the ingredient GTF Chromium is the way to go and can help boost your body’s fat loss capacity. It’s also thought to boost the growth hormone, but there’s no official study done on this yet.


  • Piperine – The cayenne capsaicin ingredient isn’t the only compound that promotes fat burning. Piperine comes from black pepper and can block the development of new fat cells and better the absorption of nutrients.


  • Vitamin B6 and B12 – You already know how important the B-vitamins are to the money, so adding them to the Instant Knockout formula doesn’t do much good if you’re already using a multi-vitamin to get some of your needed nutrients. Of course, a little extra isn’t a bad thing.


  • Zinc – This is one mineral people need a plethora of, especially men. It helps with boosting your testosterone levels and effectively process nutrients. According to various studies, overweight people tend to have zinc levels that are extremely low.


What Are The Side Effects?


It’s important you understand that the Instant Knockout’s ingredients are developed and regulated in facilities in the U.S. and the UK.  While it’s safe to use on a daily basis, there are natural stimulants in it (think caffeine). Its key functions include fat storage and appetite suppression.  You shouldn’t’ take it up to five hours before you go to bed.


While it doesn’t have as many stimulants as many other fat burning products, four capsules per day could be a bit strong for people who are caffeine-sensitive or who don’t drink coffee. If you find you have difficulty taking Instant Knockout, consider taking two or three pills a day.


This decreases the chance for side effects and saves you money too. After you’ve acclimated yourself to a dose, consider increasing the dosage.
Make sure you use your head when taking the Instant Knockout fat burner. If you feel jittery, stop taking it… if you feel you must. Don’t worry about any drug tests while you use the supplement because there are no synthetic or banned substances to trigger the false positives.


How Do You Use Instant Knockout?


Each Instant Knockout review bottle has 120 500mg capsules that were created to be consumed four times a day – one in the morning, one during the lunch hour, one sometime in the afternoon and another right before you eat. The premise behind Instant Knockout is to ensure the body has a constantly high metabolic rate.


If you’re a bit sensitive to caffeine, you may want to forgo the before supper pill.


Where Can You Purchase Instant Knockout?


For the time being, Instant Knockout can only be bought via the manufacturer’s website. It’s a bit expensive, but the price is worth it because it really does work. Would you rather spend more money on something that works than on a product that doesn’t work at all?


There are distribution centers throughout the U.S. and the UK, but the fat burner can be sent to any location around the globe. Best of all, your orders are filled quickly, with same-day shipping or next-day shipping offered. Shipments come with tracking.


And, if you don’t see the results you want within three months, you can take advantage of the company’s 90-day money back guarantee where you’ll get 100 percent of your money back. Most weight-loss products don’t offer this kind of deal because they know they’d lose money and be out of business.

Does Instant Knockout Give You The Results You Want?


Now, you may be wondering if Instant Knockout works like it claims to. Well, perhaps it’s the ingredient combination, purity of ingredients or the quality of them that make Instant Knockout an “instant knockout” to other fat burners on the market. It can increase your metabolic rate, decrease your hunger cravings and give you more energy all day long – everything you can feel and eventually see.


It’s a clean fat-burner product that, at one time, was created for just athletes and bodybuilders. Today, anybody who wants to drop excess weight and decrease their body fat can benefit from taking Instant Knockout. Just use the additional energy you get to lift weights or partake in other exercises.



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