Male Enhancement Reviews

Male Enhancement Reviews

The Best Pills for Penis Enlargement, ED Treatments and Fullers Erections

Today, there are several options and products available to help men with enhancement problems. Since the market is so big, it can be difficult to find reliable information. The following will help men know the difference between what will work and what will not.

There is a never ending list of products such as penis pills, pumps, creams and other enhancers.

To help make it a little less overwhelming for you, this article will be split into four different categories. Each will have a brief description and recommendation for best and most popular enhancers. You can pursue further research if needed.

Male Enhancement Pills

The most common enhancement product used by men are sex pills. There are several different available to choose from. These pills range from prescription medication to natural supplements bought over the counter. Prescription drugs such as Viagra can help with erectile dysfunction and the ability to last longer. Natural supplements are meant to help increase blood flow, size, and pleasure.

Some men may only benefit from the use of a prescription med. Like any prescription, this can result in various side effects. Though not serious, side effects can be anything from a headache to nausea. Supplements are made with natural ingredients such as horny goat weed that do not produce any side effects. There are over the counter products distributed by companies with the sole purpose to help men with their stamina. Some of these products include Extense and Vimax. These are also made with all natural ingredients. Many young men tend to benefit more from the use of natural supplements.

Enhancement Creams, Gels, Oils

Pills aren’t just the only enhancement product you can purchase over the counter. There are different creams and lubricants that can help with both stimulation and lasting power. These products tend to benefit your partner in more ways than one, as well. Topical treatment works quickly because once on the skin, it is easily absorbed into your blood stream. Enlast and Maxoderm are just a couple of the best options for a lasting, enjoyable session.

Some creams even offer the chance of enlargement. However, this can not be achieved on its own and you may benefit from a pump which will be later discussed.

Keep in mind that all supplements and creams will work about the same. Neither promising enormous results. If you want to really enhance your experience, try combining both pills and lotions. Results will be even better with the addition of a pump or extender.

Delay Sprays & Creams

It is very common for men to experience extreme sensitivity and premature ejaculation. This can be very frustrating for you and your partner. Fortunately, we also have access to products that provide light numbing and the ability to keep a steady pace and not leave the party before its over. Viaman Delay Wipes and Enlast are two of the most popular brands sold for this particular purpose.

Ejaculation Enhancers to Increase Semen

As men age, our libidos decrease as does our semen production. With low semen volume, orgasms are not as intense and can result in low confidence in performance. This is not enjoyed by any parties involved. It is a little known fact that the less orgasms you have, the fewer sexual encounters you will have. Because it is so important to produce a large volume of semen, there are products that can help increase it. Brands like Vimax Volume and Volume Pills will provide you with excellent results and an even more excellent sexual experience. Increased semen volume equals stronger orgasms.

Penis Pumps & Extenders

There are two options to choose from when men are looking to enlarge their member.
You can go to the extreme with surgery or use a device such as a pump. While they may seem silly, using an extender is sure a lot less painful than waking up with a surgically botched penis. Let’s go into detail about the differences between a penis extender and a penis pump.


The ProExtender System and SizeGenetics are just a couple of popular extension brands. With regular use of a penis extender, length will become more noticeable. Some extension users reported that they noticed at least a one inch length increase within a month. The same men stated that after not using the extender for over a six month period, their length remained the same. You will also obtain girth with this process. The extender gently stretches the skin of the penis to produce length.


If using a penis extension does not sound appealing, you can always try a pump instead. Penis pumps are FDA approved. They are highly beneficial due to the fact that they can help men with erectile dysfunction and at the same time blood flow is increased, as is girth. Pumps are also known in the more technical sense as vacuum constriction devices. Blood is rushed into the penile glands when air is removed from the chamber of the device while pumping. This helps increase stimulation but most importantly, provides you the with the capability to last longer and give additional time to your partner.

So…Pumps or Extenders?

When it comes down to it, it is all a matter of personal preference with what you choose to use. What works for some is not always going to work for others. If you are trying for a little extra length, an extender will be beneficial. A pump will do the trick if increased girth is what you are striving for. You can alternate between devices but if not used properly, there is always the risk for injury.

Between the pills, creams, and devices, you will never run out of options for needing assistance in that department, but like with adding any new medication or supplement to your routine, be safe and consult a physician first.

Penis Enhancement FAQ

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