Alpha Brain Review

Alpha Brain Review

A Candid Alpha Brain Review: The massive 3,000 word in-depth article below is for men with mood disorders, mental illness or ‘different’ brains.

If your brain is “healthy” …cool. This is not the Alpha Brain Review by an ONNIT labs tester is for men with a healthy brain.

Ever wanted to know how Alpha Brain effects your brain if you have depression, anxiety or other mental illness?  So did I and guess what at some point in my life I was diagnosed with all of these brain ailments by psychiatrists and psychologists over the course of 25 or so years.  I am nearing 40 now.

Well 5 years ago I started a Journey to fix my brain.  I didn’t know it at the time but looking back I was just trying to be the best man I could be and make the smartest moves possible to survive as an entrepreneur with social anxiety disorder and a healthy love of cannabis.

WARNING!!!   Avoid Use if you are Mentally Healthy or Stable?

Before I go any further you need to know that no matter what if you have been diagnosed with a mood disorder or mental illness… experimenting around with nootropics is like playing with fire.  I am not saying you shouldn’t explore because it has value but you have been warned.

If anything stay on top of your behavior and keep a journal so you don’t let the fog of memory or medication interferences sending you down the rabbit hole only to come out again having to repair the damage to your relationships, work and life.

The following things will happen to you:

  • You will be pissed
  • You will get results
  • You will be invigorated…read manic
  • You will probably get super frustrated and angry (did I mention that?) for days.



There is a reason that ONNIT injects slight warnings like the ones below throughout their website, Amazon store and forums.

Alpha BRAIN®

Clinically studied to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed.†



Alpha Brain Benefits

  1. Memory – Worded memory Recall could increase up to 30%.
  2. Brainwave Optimization – 10 Increases in Peak Alpha Frequencies
  3. Focus – Improvement comes from a reduction in the Theta/beta ratio

Alpha Brain Bottle Label

Alpha Brain – The Label Suggested Use is 2 tablets daily but try one first to see if you require more.




Celebrities that Endorse the Use of Alpha Brain

Joe Rogan – all his weed smoking buddies…J/K  I love The Joe Rogan Experience and cannabis so that was a bit tongue in cheek for a guy that stayed relevant for 2 decades and now dominates the podcast world.  And of course the face of the UFC…all in all a good guy, even if he needs to let everyone know about hunting and clean meat like a Facebook Mom and her kid’s pics.

To be continued Early to Late 2016 – 2017.

  1. What is Alpha Brain?
  2. What is a cognitive enhancer?
  3. What are Nootropics?
  4. Should I Try Alpha Brain?
  5. NZT in Limitless is fictional…or is it?






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