Limitless Pill True?

Limitless Pill True?

The Real Limitless Pills Have Been Revealed:  We, as humans, enjoy a multitude of characteristics and abilities that have kept us at the top of the food chain on Earth for centuries. We may not be omnipotent, but we do have a great deal of power in our nature. And part of that nature is the never-ending battle to find the latest shortcuts, solutions, and easier routes to get us out of hard work. As Bill Gates once said, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job… because he will find an easy way to do it.” He was right! For thousands of years we have strived to find the easiest way to get around any obstacle that falls in our laps.


There is a downside to this very basic part of human nature. Looking for that endless shortcut has also led us to search for a limitless pill. This feature is the same one that leads men and women alike to spend millions and millions of dollars on fat burners, face creams, muscle building supplements, energy pills, and a whole list of consumer products. But the bottom line when it comes to pills is: there is no limitless pill.

We will go over the various nootropic drugs that have been known to have a great impact on a person’s cognitive abilities. However, it is crucial for everyone to understand that they are not stupid or bad for searching for a limitless pill. You are simply following human nature like others have before you!

Starting Off Small

Bill Gates, as we all know, developed Microsoft and made billions of dollars…$76 billion-plus, to be exact! But it had nothing at all to do with a limitless pill. While Gates may have talked about finding an easier way to do things, building Microsoft was, of course, anything but easy. However, Gates did start off focusing on the smaller things. For example, by the age of 13 he already knew how to use a teletype block computer in the private prep school he attended. When he was 17 he had already mastered source code and began a business along with a friend.

While he didn’t fast track with a limitless pill, he spent a considerable part of his early years doing smaller things that really mattered. He studied coding, sales, negotiation and many other useful subjects, all while other kids were messing around outside and having a grand time. He took a disciplined view of the subjects that really mattered to him, and made sure they were done repeatedly and correctly.

This is the same way that success happens and is the true limitless pill: the small things that matter. These little things add up every day to make a huge difference. If you strive to get enough sleep, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and read the right books, you won’t need a pill to make huge gains in your professional life or education process.

Nootropic Drugs

limitless-tv-show-actor-nzt-pillsWhile continually pushing forward by completely smaller tasks in life will be the difference in success or failure, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to use a nootropic drug to help you climb higher. Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Chef and The 4-Hour Body, is a perfect example of this statement. While Ferriss was penning his books, he used a drug called CILTeP (“chemically induced long-term potentiation”), which is said to increase concentration, focus, and memory. Ferriss talked about how well he could focus on writing when he took CILTeP and that it put him into hyper-driver mode.

Ferriss traded something that allowed him to go above and beyond his abilities as he was writing, which was the use of a smart drug. Most people have the same idea about the use of nootropics. Just remember, you are making a trade when you decide to use a nootropic to enhance your work or play. These aren’t limitless pills or shortcuts, but rather an added bonus if you are doing everything else correctly.  Products like Aplha Brain do the same with plants.  Learn more about Alpha Brain on our Alpha Brain review article.

Modafinil / Adrafinil

Another popular nootropic that many people consider a “limitless pill” is known as Modafinil. Modafinil is the choice for many people who use it to improve their memory, reaction time, and sleep issues. Modafinil has helped prevent fatigue in users and is available without a prescription online. Unlike Adderall… Adrafinil is a legal option that may also be used to receive the same effects.  Read more about Modafinil VS Adderall


This particular nootropic was developed by a man with the pseudonym of “Abelard Lindsay”. As this particular stack was developed, many people took to the Internet to discuss the boundless positive side effects they had while taking it. Soon, thousands of people joined in on these conversations on forums and on Reddit. In 2013, Lindsay partnered up to create the product Natural Stacks CILTeP, the easiest and most affordable way to take this combination.


Racetams were one of the very first class of drugs to be considered “nootropics”. Piracetam was first synthesized back in the 60s and is a good jumping off point for those considering a nootropics journeys. However, as well as Piracetam works, it is not as potent as another Racetam, known as Phenylpiracetam. Phenylpiracetam was listed among other drugs in 2016 on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list as a prohibited substance. But just because athletes cannot take advantage of this enhancement drug doesn’t mean that you can’t!

Doing the Work Along with the Pills

Neither Bill Gates nor Tim Ferriss took shortcuts to become the successful people they are today. They may not have found a “limitless pill” that helped solve all of their problems. They worked steadily and deliberately to get ahead in life, using their God-given talents and abilities. However, this doesn’t mean that nootropics and other cognitive enhancers don’t work on the brain or aren’t helpful when you are struggling with focus and fatigue. Just remember that no pill, no matter how good it is, will make you succeed! Doing the work yourself is important, but a little extra help certainly won’t make matters worse!

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